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ETF2L Cup - Round 3 - The Fixtures
Written by Unknown on 05.07.2008 Time 11:50

The ETF2L Cup is in the third round now. Here are the fixtures.

    Deutschland eL Diablo’s Brigade vs United Kingdom Weapons of the rebelion 2
    United Kingdom DCSB Red Team vs United Kingdom The Last Resort
    Russland Team Empire vs Schweden Excello
    Deutschland veAre vs Finnland Interrobang
    Czech Republic Cavaliers vs Russland dmg.
    Europa unbindAll vs Deutschland r@ts
    Österreich Herbs Army - red squad vs Russland Oh My God It Is
    Deutschland Elitedorfkiller vs United Kingdom gBh
    Europa Zero Tolerance vs Finnland Cruciamentum
    Spanien back to Resupply vs Luxemburg MTF.Gaming
    United Kingdom weapons of the rebelion 3 vs United Kingdom Weapons of the Rebelion
    Europa 4 Kings vs Lettland FOG
    Schweden klan:fader vs Deutschland Soldiers at Work
    Europa cleveridiot vs Deutschland Friede seiner Asche
    Europa Totally Totalitarian vs Denmark Clones-Inc
    Finnland Clan Troopers vs Deutschland TFPortal.de

Seven Team from Germany are on the way to try to get to the next round. Really unlucky is this round for the Team of United Kingdom Weapons of the Rebelion. They need to play against each other.

We wish all team good games and good luck!


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