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Further information to the Heavy update
Written by Unknown on 12.07.2008 Time 10:40

Robin Walker posted again information to the upcoming Heavy update. At the TF2-Blog he is talking about the important facts, which have to be in mind of the developers. Furthermore he is appologising that the team couldn't answer all ideas which were sent by the fans. The mails are quite simply too much!

  • Does it affect the main weaknesses of the class? What could opponents do against an entire team of this class armed with your idea? Class balance is more a function of the weaknesses of each class than their strengths. Weaknesses provide population control, where the value of a counter class rises as a class's population rises. i.e. Snipers become more valuable the more Heavies there are on the enemy team. As a result, we're very wary of reducing a class's weaknesses.
  • How does it affect the core interactions between this class and other classes? To help here, it's useful to coarsely determine the standard interaction for this class and each other class at short, medium, long ranges, and varying terrain layouts, assuming roughly equal skill on each player's part. Then think about how your idea affects each of those interactions.
  • Does it also solve other goals we have for the class? We usually have several goals we're trying to achieve with a class, and ideas which solve multiples are more valuable.

The work on the Heavy update continues. Weeks ago Valve already told us that they are wanting to get the Heavy independet from his Medic. All further news you will read here of course.


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