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The nations are going to compete...
Written by Unknown on 12.07.2008 Time 14:19

Time to have a look at the national teams of Team Fortress 2. The ESL is running a Nations Championship Warm-Up Cup at the moment. The ETF2L is starting there Nations Cup soon.

22 national teams are signed up for the ETF2L Cup. Due to the fact that the cup is mentioned to be played in 4 groups à 5 teams each, 4 teams have to qualify themself within a pre round.

ETF2L Nations Cup Qualifikation:
vs [2:9] (cp_granary [1:6] | cp_well [1:3]
vs (Monday, 14.07.2008, 20 o'clock CET)

Our neighbors from Austria could win the first match of the pre round. In the second game the teams of Luxembourg and Turkey are going to compete

The drawing will be held on sunday the 13th july at 9 o'clock CET at #etf2l (qnet). There the groups will be drawn out of the 5 groups which are arranged by there strange actually:

  • Pot 1: Finland, Russia, Sweden, Great Britain
  • Pot 2: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany
  • Pot 3: Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain
  • Pot 4: Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Netherlands
  • Pott 5: Norway, Ukraine, Austria, Luxembourg or Turkey

The next matches coming up in the ESL are:

Germany vs Finland (14.07.2008)
Netherlands vs Great Britain (13.07.2008)

Lets see if Team-Germany can suceed against the strong team of Finland.

So check our site to stay tuned!


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