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Written by Unknown on 14.07.2008 Time 13:03

Hello community!

A large TFPortal info update for you guys!

Domain: Unfortunately all our downloads are actually offline. If you had a detailed look at the page you will see that the TFPortal.de domain is now completely moved to our new provider. That means there isn't a forwarding anymore. The two domains TeamFortress2.de and TFPortal.de are running parallel now.

Downloads: Due to the fact the downloads were stored on the old server we are looking for a solution to provide them for you. The easiest way to solve the problem would be using the old server but this would cause performance problems. We are working on it!

Toolbar: TFPortal-Toolbar? Yes we got now! More information you can find in our forum.

Services: Following a list of our free offerings for you and specially for your clans!

Staff: At last we are looking for busy staff members. Important is that you have time and fun in writing! We are looking for:
  • 1 editor for general news (TF2, FF, Steam etc.)
  • 2 eSports editors (whats up in the szene and leagues?)
  • 2-3 translator (everyday news and content translations)
  • Urgent: 1-2 programmer!

We are offering you the possibility to work active on Germanys biggest TF2 page. We are looking forward to your applications!


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