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Beware of the Cookie Monster!! *UPDATE*
Written by Unknown on 15.07.2008 Time 18:29

How funny it sounds like the serious is the actual problem. If it's caused by the Cookie Monster we don't know. Fact is that we are having problems with the login cookie. The login data aren't stored correctly so that only user can be active which are already logged in.

If you are still logged in so please don't log off from the page and use the www.teamfortress2.de URL.

We expect that the problem came with the transfer of the TFPortal.de domain and working to solve the problem!

If someone of you got an idea which causes the problem feel free to write us a comment or contact us in the #teamfortress2 channel in the quakenet.

So that we can solve the problem soon!

After long work we found the problem. Thanks to meGa for his patience. Now you can post the page and the forum again as you are used to it.


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