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Team Fortress 2 grenades in action
Written by Unknown on 15.07.2008 Time 20:53

The fact that Team Fortress 2 is based on the gameplay of Team Fortress Classic should known by everyone of you. Like every class in TFC got it's own grenades every class in TF2 was mentioned to get grenades too. But Valve felt that grenades affecting the gameplay too much, so they cut off the idea of implementing them.

Everybody who wants to see how TF2 could look like with grenades should view the following videos:

TF2NADES - The Demo/Heavy

TF2NADES - The Demo/Heavy from L. Duke on Vimeo.

TF2NADES - The Soldier

TF2NADES - The Soldier from L. Duke on Vimeo.

TF2NADES - The Spy

TF2NADES - The Spy from L. Duke on Vimeo.

TF2NADES - The Scout

TF2NADES - The Scout from L. Duke on Vimeo.

TF2NADES - The Medic

TF2NADES - The Medic from L. Duke on Vimeo.

Thanks to L. Duke for bringing the vidoes online.


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