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ETF2L Cup #3 - Round4
Written by Unknown on 16.07.2008 Time 12:50

After 16 exciting matches in round 3 the remaining 16 teams are going to reach the next round.

The matches are:

back to Resupply vs. Zero Tolerance
DCSB Red Team vs. gBh
eL Diablo’s Briage vs. dmg.
Excello vs. Clones-Inc
TFPortal.de vs. Herbs Army
Friede seiner Asche vs. klan:fader
4 Kings vs. wotr1
r@ts vs. Interrobang

Exciting from a Germans point of view is the match between the TFPortal team and the Austrian team Herbs Army.

A really hard competitor got the German team r@ts. They have to play against one of the favorites Interrobang which consists of nearly the half of the Finnish national team.

The overall highlight is clearly the match between the actually unbeaten team 4Kings and maybe the best team at the moment wotr1.

Good luck to all remaining teams. We are hoping to see a good participation of German teams in the next round.


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