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News section redesign /Reinforcements for TFPortal
Written by Unknown on 20.07.2008 Time 15:47

We've restructured the news system. From now on, the TF2 e-sports and general TF2 news will be displayed separately from each other (general news on the left side, and e-sports news on the right side below the vote field, respectively). This change happened not only for the purpose of a better overview, but also for the reason that both subjects deserves an own news section.

This was also a necessary step for TFPortal's redesign. That's right! This place will look different in the near future!

Comments for both your opinions about the new News design, as well as ideas for the upcoming redesign of TFPortal, are welcome.

Also, our call for help has been replied! TFPortal has 3 new team members:
- Azureguy helps out as our additional translator.
- meGa joined TFPortal's site coding team as our additional coder.
- Cookimaster is our additional e-sports reporter.

Our team welcomes all 3 new members!


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