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Nations Cup - Germany vs. Poland
Written by Unknown on 23.07.2008 Time 01:16

The ESL Nations Cup comes to an end.
Finand won against Sweden, while Germany has to fight on in the Loser Bracket after their defeat against Finland.

Germany has to fight against their neighbor Poland, who previously lose against Sweden, but won the match against Spain.

On the website of the german team, they describes the challenge as "not impossible to win". They mean the match against the United Kingdom, who will be their opponent in the case that Poland will be defeated. The UK team previously defeated France.

There is, however, a change in team Germany's Line-up: They could bring back the Heavy Guy Riemu, a very experienced player who was quite inactive before.

The match Germany vs. Poland starts at 20.00 CEST

Source-TV IP: hlsw://bcast01.blank-TV.de:50000

We wish both teams good luck, and all spectators an enjoyable fight!


Yesterday the teams of Germany and Poland competed with each other. Germany won the match with 2:1.

First Germany won the map cp_pro_granary with 3:1. This was spectacular because Finland defeated Germany on this map last week. After this Poland won on the map cp_dustbowl with 6:3. This means that they must play a third map. The decision falls again on cp_pro_granary. The germans could decide this map with 3:2.

In the next round Germany will meet up Great Britain.


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