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ETF2L Cup - Round4 - Die Spiele von Heute*UPDATE*
Geschrieben von Unbekannt am 23.07.2008 um 14:15

Die nächsten Spiele in Runde 4 des aktuellen ETF2L Cups stehen nun bevor!

Auch wenn für die meisten Deutschen TF2-Spieler der heutige Abend schon verplant ist, schließlich spielt Heute unser Team Germany gegen Polen im Nations Cup der ESL, gibt es auch noch andere spannende Spiele.

Die Begegnungen des heutigen Abends sind:

Excello vs. Clones-Inc
back to Resupply vs. Zero Tolerance.

Statement by bR|Thani:
We have been lucky in the last rounds because we have don't face any big clan. We had luck in round 4 too cause we haven't to fight against a strong clan like 4Kings, wotr, clones, excello, etc.
We will play like we allways do, trying to win. If we get into the next round and will face 4kings or wotr or excello would be a dream, cos we will play our last game against a good clan and we will have fun enough. We don't expect anyway to pass this round but we will see tonight.

Statement by xlo.weqo:
We've never played against Clones-Inc nor seen them play anyone else, so this will be a game that we're totally unprepared for. However, we've heard a lot of promising things about Clones-Inc and this could be a really tough game. But again, we don't really know what to expect.

Statement by zt.nubonamission:
I don’t recall ever playing Back to Resupply in a match with Zero Tolerance. I know they were placed low down in the ETF2L because they entered as a relative unknown, and I remember vaguely seeing their name on the Wireplay league and even playing them back in the day when I played for the Hampshire Heavies. Despite this I have followed their progress both because it is my job to keep up with the scene writing for and keeping on top of the scene as a clan leader. I know they will be tough opposition, but we have pulled out some very promising performances as Zero Tolerance and I think it will rest heavily on how on form we are on the day. We have had many a day where we have gone to pieces as a clan, and really struggled with teamwork but we have been steadily improving recently and I am sure if we are on form we have a great chance versus Back to Resupply.

Zwei spannende Spiele, wo jedoch besonders das Spiel Excello gegen Clones-Inc höchst interessant wird. Die Favorisierten Schweden treffen hier nämlich auf das Überraschungsteam der letzten ETF2L Saison.

Wir wüschen allen Teams viel Erfolg.

excello konnte sich auf beiden Maps als Sieger gegen Clones-Inc durchsetzen. Die Ergebnisse:
Turbine 10:4
Pro_Granary 4:2

Im zweiten Match zwischen Zero Tolerance und back to Resupply konnte sich der zt-Clan durchsetzten. Die Ergebnisse:
Turbine 7:4
Pro_Granary 5:1


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