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Summer Cup II Results
Written by Unknown on 25.07.2008 Time 15:20

The TF2 Summer Cup II started two days ago. Even though Weapons of the Rebellion and it's a farm haven't fight against each other in this fight, they're already included in the Playoffs.

Here's the list of the current teams included in the Playoffs:

- Clan Fracture
- TFPortal.de 3on3 Team Red
- Weapons of the Rebellion
- it's a farm

The last two teams will be decided in Summer Cup III. In addition to that, the two best teams of the TF2 ESL European 3on3 Ladder (ETF2L) will automatically included in the playoffs.
At the moment when this news article is written and published, TFPortal.de 3on3 Team Blu and Royal TS are the two best teams in the Ladder. On July 29th 2008, the two best teams on the list will be in the playoffs. You can find the list here: 3on3 Ladder list


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