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Public Server Ranking - King of the Hill
Written by Unknown on 25.07.2008 Time 18:12

The ESL hosts 3 new Team Fortress 2 Server. These servers include an hlstatsx-like ranking system, with the only difference that it's called "King of the Hill". You must have created an ESL account and also added your TF2 SteamID in your account in order to be listed.
That's the basic requirements, the in-game requirements are: The ranking system won't work if there are only 5 or less players playing on the sever, and you have to get t least 11 kills in order to be listed at all.
The system is currently in its testing phase, but on August 1st 2008, the real ranking will start.


- (All Maps 24/7 #1)
- (All Maps 24/7 #2)
- (Goldrush/Dustbowl 24/7)


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