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ESL Major Series Season II Final: Part 2! *UPDATE*
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.07.2008 Time 00:26

Are you ready? The second part of the ESL Major Series Season II Final will take place today at 9 pm.

The teams are Pandemic and Four Kings.PBUK. They will compete with each other again because Pandemic won the first “best of three” and they will become champion if they will win the final second time because they have come from the lowerbracket.

You can watch the final via SourceTV with 1000 Slots SourceTV: bcast02.blank-TV.de:50300 or you can watch it with pwnage.TV where Leonardo “Leogeo2” Gonzalez will comment about the match.

The winner of the final will get 750 Euro the second will get 450 Euros.

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Yesterday was the final of the ESL Major Series between Pandemic and Four Kings.PBUK.

The first map cp_gravelpit was won by Pandemic with 2:0. It looks like a walkover for Pandemic. But Four Kings.PBUk could win the 2nd half on cp_badlands with 6:2. The decider was cp_pro_granary and Four Kings.PBUK could overrun the us-team with 7:0.

Four Kings.PBUK won the final with 2:1 and became first. They also won a prize money of about 750 euros. Pandemic got 450 euros.


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