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ETF2L 3rd Cup *UPDATE*
Written by Unknown on 28.07.2008 Time 20:57

Tonight the ETF2l cast lots for the "Quarter Finals” of the 3rd cup. The matches are:

First match: DCSB Red Team vs. TFPortal.de

Second match: Interrobang vs. Excello

Third match: klan: fader vs. Zero Tolerance

Fourth Match: el Diablo’s Brigade vs. ( 4 Kings or Weapons of the Rebelion)

The match between Four Kings.PBUK and Weapons of the Rebelion will take place on the 31st July at 9 o’clock CET.


Dates & Details

Map Reihenfolge:
1. cp_well
2. cp_gravelpit
3. ctf_2fort
4. cp_badlands
5. cp_dustbowl

Schedule Deadline: Sonntag, der 3.August, 23:59 CET
Game Deadline: Sonntag, der 10.August, 23:59 CET


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