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ESL Summer Cup III
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 29.07.2008 Time 11:21

The ESL Summer Cup III started yesterday.

This time, two german teams qualified themselves for the finale.
Royal TS. and n2o-gaming.de fough against each other. They played 3 maps: cp_well, ctf_turbine and ctf_turbine V3.
n2o-gaming.de could win the first map with 3:0. The second map won Royal TS with 2:0. The final map won Royal TS with 4:2.

In the third place play-off, two russian teams fought to be the 3rd best team. OPS – Team Fortress 2 Clan and sfire played on the maps cp_well, ctf_chaos and ctf_turbine.
sfire won cp_well with 3:1, ctf_chaos won with 13:7, and finally OPS won with 3:2 on ctf_turbine.

After Cup III has been completed, the following teams has been qualified for the final playoffs:

1. Clan Fracture
2. TFPortal.de 3on3 Team Red
3. Weapons of the Rebelion
4. It’s a farm
5. Royal TS. Cup
6. N2o-gaming.de
7. TFPortal.de 3on3 Team Blu
8. elected esports

The 7th and 8th place comes from the European 3on3 Ladder because both teams ranked place 1 and 2 in this Ladder.


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