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ETF2L Season 3 and Medic News
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 31.07.2008 Time 18:29

The ETF2L announced the Season 3 today. Sign-ups will start at Sunday, 9 PM CEST.

Here's the list from Division 1 of the still running ETF2L Season 2:

1. Four Kings.PBUK
2. Excello
3. Clan United
4. Weapons of the Rebellion
5. The Last Resort
6. Blood Pressure
7. It’s a farm!
8. extenSia!
9. Cruciamentum
10. TFPortal.de

You can find the fill list by clicking on the "Division list" link by the Related links below.

Regarding Season 3:
Since Valve fixed the Kritzkrieg to work even on No-Crit-Servers, the secondary Medic weapon is allowed in the nest ETF2L Season. The Kritzkrieg still stays disabled on 3rd Cup and Nations’ Cup Group Phase, but in all other ETF2L matches, the Kritzkrieg is allowed.
Just to remind you: After the Kritzkrieg is overcharged, you can "critcharge" a teammate. All of its attacks will deal critical damage for 10 seconds.


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