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Interrobang wins One Night Cup #5
Written by Unknown on 02.08.2008 Time 12:30

14 clans fought in the 5th SGL One Night Cup, some of the strongest european clans among them. 2 of them are the german clans ( n2o-Gaming and r@ts-clan), as well as the 2 finnish clans Oslo-Lions and Interrobang and the british clan The Last Resort.

All clans played 3 rounds, the maps were: cp_fastlane, ctf_turbine and cp_badlands.
n2o-gaming lost against Interrobang with a score of 0:9 in round 2. In the semi-finals, r@ts-clan lost against Oslo-Lions with a score of 0:11, and Interrobang won against The Last Resort with a score of 4:3.
In the final, Interrobang fought against Oslo-Lions on cp_pro_granary. The result: Interrobang won with a score of 5:2.

We congratulate Interrobang for winning the Cup, but we also congratulate the SGL for organizing this successful Cup.


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