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ESL Rules change
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.08.2008 Time 12:36

The ESL announced some changes regarding TF2 Ladders and Cups. These changes include:

-Forbidden scripts:
Two additional scripts are no longer allowed to use:
Fastshoot Script (z.B. Fastshoot/-explode for Pistol, Sniper, Stickys, ..)
+duck or +attack bind on mouse wheel

In case that one or more players disconnect for whatever reason during a 1on1 or 2on2 match, the game will be paused. The players can rejoin the game within 10 minutes, if he doesn't the another team can (and must) protest against the other team. The ESL will arrange another match date.

All of this doesn't apply for 6on6 matches.

-Class restrictions:
In 6on6 matches, any team can only have two classes and one medic at the same time (only two soldiers and one medic, for example).

In 3on3 matches, any team can only have one class at the same time. That means no two scouts, no two soldiers, no two medics, and so on.

Furthermore, all unlockable weapons of both the Medic and the Pyro are allowed to use. Even though all ESL matches are No-Crit-only, the Kritzkrieg is allowed.

You can read the full news article by clicking on the link at the "Related links" section below.


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