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TFPortal Trailer and some Funstuff
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 04.08.2008 Time 21:49

For a long time there have been no Funstuff-News, that was not for the lack of new Videos on the Internet but for the concentration on the E-Sport News that you demanded. But now those that wanted more Funstuff Videos will be happy because here comes the new Stuff.
But first we want you to focus on the TFPortal-Traier. Thanks to countSOn vom Clan "Die Doppelnullen" we can present you this piece of Work, which will present TFPortal to those who take a first Look onto the Page.

TFPortal.de Trailer by [00]countSON

And now as promised we will show you three very good Videos to watch and enjoy. First the 8th expansion on the series of "TF2 - 101 Uses for a Dispenser-Reihe".

TF2 - 101 Uses for a Dispenser [#8]

The next two videos are "Meet the Spy"-Videos created by the Community.

TF2 - Meet the Spy

Team Fortress 2 - "Meet The Spy"

Opinions and the like are very welcome in the Comments below.


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