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"Rest of World"-Protest geht weiter...
Geschrieben von Unbekannt am 06.08.2008 um 04:07

...unter anderem mit 2 neuen Trailern.

Wer sich noch an das Machinima "Ignis Solus" erinnern kann, weiß, dass LitFuseFilms keine Anfänger im Filmemachen sind. Und da diese aus Europa stammen, haben sie der Rest of World-Kampagne zwei Trailer beschert, die die Wut über die Spielepolitik der Steam-Publisher ausdrücken sollen.

Im LitFuseFilms-Blog dazu:

"A Steam friend of mine talked to me about his steam group which was called Rest of the World. Basically it’s a group in a sort of protest against companies selling their games on Steam exclusively to the US.

Now this is something that greatly appeals to me as I’m sick to death of companies excluding anyone out for anything. We have money, probably more so than Americans do with the steady decline of their economy, we seem to be willing to pay much more than Americans for our games also, so why stop it? Why? Just tell me.. Why? I’ll show the latest video and you can check the first one after the jump.

Auch madlep von unserer Partnerseite dazu:

"Oh, and one other thing while we’re on the subject mr game publisher: We barely tolerated you ripping us non-US gamers off back when the US dollar was actually worth something, and you had that as an excuse for super high prices outside of the states. Now that the $US is on a par with approximately mud, charging $AU 110 for a new title (that’s $US 100) doesn’t work anymore. This is basic economics. Stop ripping us off."

Wer sich der Gruppe verbunden fühlt, kann jederzeit beitreten.


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