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ETF2L Freight-1-Day-Cup
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 06.08.2008 Time 14:43

A new Cups comes to Live after the positiv reports from Members of the ETF2L about the Map cp_freight_b3.

The Cup will be namned „Freight-1-Day-Cup“ and will start on Wednesday next week, which is the 13th of August. The Map was created by the Divison 1 Player Stealthy and his brother Fishbus. 16 Teams can participate in the Cup, if they've at least 2 addresses of contact and 6 Members. The Matches will be played in a 1 time 30 Minutes order in case of a draw the Map will be replayed with the "Golden Cap" Rule in place.

Every Team that participates in this Cup is elected to vote if this Map makes it into the regular Season 3. To pass this vote more then 50% of the Teams have to vote for it.


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