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Bug in the KotH ladder and 3on3 Summer Cup Series
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.08.2008 Time 17:02

Due to a bug within the "King of the Hill" TF2 Ladder of the ESL some players received an award for 100 wins in 1on1s.
This wasn't mentioned by the ESL and is going to be fixed.

Thanks to ESL | Paddel for this information.

Furthermore the playoffs for the 3on3 Summer Cup are finished. Eight teams are qualified amongst others both TFPortal.de 3on3 teams.

The first round will start on 11.08.2008 at 19 o'clock CET. The final is scheduled to friday the 18.082008 at 21 o'clock CET.
There are still three keyboards and Premium to win.

Good luck and a lot of fun to all of the teams which are playing in the 3on3 Summer Cup.


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