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Germany vs Ukraine - Pre match information
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.08.2008 Time 16:38

Before we start whith the todays match we give you some information to the match versus UK in the ESL. After a hard defeat there were protests about missing demos and some forbidden scripts within the players configs. Due to the fact that we didn't know whats up with that protest we were waiting with a news entry. ESL|Paddel took the time to tell us the actual situation.

Statement from ESL|Paddel
Like expected the match against UK shouldn't be easy. The players from UK were set as favourite previously and were playing realy strong. The results 0-7 and 5-20 wasn't really surprising so. But you shouldn't flame Team Germany. Honestly Team UK simply was the better team ;)

Unfortunately some players were using unfair scripts. After a review with both teams and a clarification of the situation Abomination (UK) and Puschen (GER) got 2 penalty points each. Anything else of the match was like it should be. So hopefully the next matches are going to be more fair and more friendly afterwards.[/quote]

With this statement this match should be filed now. Germany is out and UK in the next round! So lets get over to the other Nations Cup:

Today on sunday the 10th August there is another international match. Team-Ger, is going to play against the team of the Ukraine. The match takes place within the ETF2L Nationscups.

The match starts at 22 o'clok CET. The maps are cp_pro_granary and ctf-turbine. For everybody who likes to watch commented matches Bilze and DSRT from n2o are going to make a livestream using the Mogulus-Platform starting at 21:30 CET.


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