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ETF2L Soldier 1on1 Cup with German participation
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.08.2008 Time 16:39

The Soldier Cup der ETF2L final is near and one participant is already known. With [r@ts]Slim the first player has reached the final. We are particular pleased that a German player has reached the final. Last he won against weqo from Excello.
    semi final Slim vs. weqo
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We asked Slim some questions which he answered assiduously:

Interview with [r@ts]Slim

TFPortal.de: Hey Slim! You are finalist of the ETF2L 1on1 Soldier Cup! How do you feel now, knowing that there is only one opponent to defeat to win such a huge event?

[r@ts]Slim: My target before the start was to reach the semi final. I'm very pleased that I have reached the final and having the chance to win the tournament. But I can imagine against whom I have to play.

TFPortal.de: Who will be the second finalist?

[r@ts]Slim: Clearly - Coinz. I have already played against him a few times and pretty sure that he will reach the final. He could win the Rocket-Arena Cup previously too.

TFPortal.de: Was there any match on the way to the final which will stay in your mind specially?

[r@ts]Slim: The semi final against weqo was really hard. The first 15 frags it was pretty close. In the meantime he even gained the lead. But I didn't gave up and trusted my skills.

TFPortal.de: How do you see your chances for the final?

[r@ts]Slim: If Coinz can reach the final my chances are not that good. But maybe I got a lucky day and the combination of a bit luck on my side and a bit bad luck on his site I can beat him. But I didn't expect that. Definitly I will do my best and we will see if it's enough to win a title.

TFPortal.de: Good luck to you and thanks for your time!

[r@ts]Slim: Thanks.

Within the 2nd semi final Coinz from wotr and Sexy the leader of Blood Pressure are going to compete.


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