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ETF2L Season #3 - Map Pool Results
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.08.2008 Time 21:23

The ETF2L announced the winning maps of the map pool for Season #3: The two lucky ones are ctf_mach4 (43%) and cp_labor (42%). They'll be included in the next map pool. The map cp_freight_b3a is also a candidate for the map pool, but it depends on the participants of the Freight-1-Day-Cup whether the map will be included to the map pool or not.

The next map pool that decided which map will be included in Season #3 will start at August 20th. The map pool is divided into two:

~In the Primary Map Pool, all regulary played Valve maps are included.
Every map can be picked three times.

• cp_badlands
• cp_gravelpit
• cp_pro_granary
• cp_well
• ctf_turbine

~In the Secondary Map Pool, the other Valve maps, as well as the voted custom maps, are included. Every map can be picked once.

• cp_dustbowl
• cp_fastlane
• (cp_freight_b3)
• cp_labor
• ctf_2fort
• ctf_mach4
• ctf_well
• pl_goldrush


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