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Heavy-Update next Tuesday - 7 new Maps
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.08.2008 Time 23:01

Valve is planning great things with the new Heavy-Update. Today they launched the first Part of the Info-Puzzle onto the Community. Until the coming Tuesday( 19th August 2008 ), the day on which the Update will be released, Valve will every Day release a new Part of the Info-Puzzle for the coming Update.

TF2 Heavy Achievements

The Countdown was started with the release of Information about the next Map of the Community-Package: CP_Steel. But that's not all: Along with the new unlockable Weapons and Achievements, a total of 7 new Maps will be included. These will be the above mentioned CP_Steel, a new Payload-Map and 5 new Maps for the completely new and so far secret Gamemode.

CP - Steel
TF2 CP Steel TF2 Maps - CP Steel

The Weekend after the Update-Release will be the Final for these two crazy weeks. From Friday the 22nd of August at 20:00 CET those who so far haven't joined into the TF2 Hype will get a Chance to test and play the Game for 3 whole Days for free.


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