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Heavy updates, part 2: first weapon + achievements
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.08.2008 Time 21:09

In the first part of the big Heavy update, Valve announced that the community map cp_steel would be included into the next update. Today, Valve announced the first new weapon for the Heavy - the K.G.B. (The Killing Gloves of Boxing):

When the Heavy Weapons Guy kills an enemy while equipped with the gloves, he'll cause critical damage within the next 5 seconds after the kill. After the 5-seconds-crit-status has been triggered, the Heavy can kill another enemy within 5 seconds to get another 5-seconds-crit-status and restart the counter.
The bad thing: You need to kill someone at close range with the slow punch of the Heavy in order to get the crits.
The good thing: You can switch your weapons and still has the 5-seconds-crit-status. Yes that's right, you can cause critical damage with the Minigun!

Besides the K.G.B, Valve also announced the 35 new achievements for the Heavy. Here's the (in)complete list of the achievements:

The descriptions will be added within the next Heave updates. The missing descriptions aside, you can already see the names, which are as humorous as ever.
The Medic has achievements like "FYI I am a Medic" or "Midwife Crisis", and the Pyro has achievements like "Dance Dance Immolation" or "OMGWTFBBQ". This time we have some names inspired by the origin of the Heavy, the Soviet Union. The Heavy has achievements like "Iron Curtain", „Stalin the Kart“, „Communist Mani-Fisto“ or "Don't Touch Sandvich" (Anyone remembers "Meet the Scout"?).

That's all for today’s Heavy update. We still have to wait for the other 5 maps, the other 2 Heavy weapons, the new map type and the new video!. Remember people, they said they would create another video. Not a "Meet the Cast" video, though, but something interesting none the less.


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