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Heavy updates, part 3: new payload map
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 14.08.2008 Time 22:03

It's the third day of the Heavy update. In the previous updates, Valve announced the community map cp_steel and the first weapon of the Heavy, as well as the new achievements for the Heavy.

TF2 Heavy Achievements

Today, Valve announced a new payload map. The new map goes under the name of Badwater Basin and features more open spaces and fewer checkpoints. There are also several ways through the map, giving both teams more options to fight back or defend on the map.

Here's Valve official description for the map:

Right out of the gate is a multi-level area where the Blu team needs to control the high ground while moving the cart through a tunnel below. This open area has few natural choke points, allowing Scouts, Soldiers, and Demomen to move creatively through the space, forcing the Red team to rapidly respond to choices made by Blu. (B) As the track winds its way into tighter spaces, vertical control becomes more important. Each successive checkpoint requires the Blu team to take control of defensive positions above the track, usually occupied by Red Engineers. (C) Eventually the track winds down and a large basin which the Blu team must assault from all sides in a final push to destroy the Red base.

The main difference between the old Payload map and this new one is that there are no stages. Instead of pushing the cart through tree stages, you play on one stage, which is considerably bigger.

Es fehlen also nur noch die Informationen zu dem neuen Gamemode mit 5 neuen Maps dazu, den 2 letzten Waffen und dem Trailer bis zum Release des Updates am Dienstag.


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