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Heavy updates, part 4: second weapon - Natascha
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.08.2008 Time 21:23

Today we report about the fourth part of the Heavy update. This time, Valve unveiled the Heavy's second weapon, the second Minigun Natascha.
That's right, the new weapon has an own name. Remember "Meet the Heavy"? In this video, the Heavy called his Minigun "Sasha". Appearently, it seems to be it's real name, and now we have the other weapon Natasha.

TF2 Heavy Achievements

The Heavy's second unlockable, Natascha, slows enemies with her bullets. Anyone damaged by her will move slower for an instant, encouraging them to find cover or turn and face the Heavy, mano-a-tiny-itty-bitty-mano. Unfortunately, Natascha is slightly weaker than Sasha, so she takes longer to finish off a victim. As a result, Natascha's great against fleeing cowards, such as Scouts & Medics, and less great against anyone actively trying to kill her master. Heavies that like to jump around corners and surprise groups of startled enemy crybabies will also find her very useful, although they should look for a Sasha-wielding enemy Heavy before they leap.

Basically, the new Minigun works like the old one: Shooting lots of bullets over a wide range. However, just like the Afterburner of the Pyro, Natasha has an additional effect and is weaker than Sasha.
The special effect is that every enemy who is hit by Natasha becomes slooower for an instant. Even Scouts can become slower, but it takes longer to kill them due to the weaker attack power of Natasha.

TF2 - Natascha


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