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Sentry Fortress
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.08.2008 Time 11:56

Only 2 parts of the Heavy update remains, but since the people working at Valve aren't machines, they take a break over the weekend. To shorten the time until the next update on Monday, we'll give you something else to enjoy: Sentry Fortress.

In this Flash game, you control an Engineer who must defend 4 maps from enemy Spies, Soldiers, Scouts and Snipers. You can do all the things the Engineer can do in the real TF2: Building a Sentry, a Dispenser and a Teleporter, repairing and de-sapping your buildings and shoot with a shotgun.
The achievements from Team Fortress 2 are also present in the game. There are achievements for killing a certain amount of an enemy type, defending a map without losing a capture point, and accumulating points in general. The most ambitious achievement is "It's over Nine Thousand!", where you have to accumulate over 9000 points.

IMPORTANT: You must save your progress in order to keep your achievements. There is a Save and Load option in the menu, so don't forget to before closing your internet browser!


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