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Heavy update part 5 – Arena Mode
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.08.2008 Time 19:53

After a 2 days break the news are back. After a relaxing weekend for Valve and much discussion in our comments and in our forum we can present you part 5 of the heavy update.

TF2 Heavy Achievements

The develpers of Team Fortress 2 are giving us an insight to the new mode in TF2 called Arena.
It's all about a kind of "Team Last Man Standing" on a smaller map in place of the large 12vs12 maps we are used to get from Valve.

Arena is designed for matches between about 3 versus 3 whose target it is to get down all players of the opponent team with at least on player alive.
The second possibility is to activate the capture point which should take about 60 seconds estimated.

There is no respawn after getting fragged and medipacs should be placed really rare on the maps. This fact should bring the Medic and Engineer more in to business.

The improvements which most of us should be happy about by having a look at the images are clearly the new textures. The new textures are coming in an alpine look with green hills and snowcapped mountains.

These textures you can see on a brand new map named Lumberyard. The other 4 maps are coming with the well known sandy country look. 3 of them should be very familiar to you.

These 3 maps are the middle capture points of the maps Badlands, Granary and Well which are optimized for the new game mode.
However Valve got another complete new map for this game mode called Ravine.

TF2 Ravine TF2 Maps - Ravine

TF2 lumberyard TF2 Maps - lumberyard

Here again a small overview of all headlines to the upcoming Heavy update linked for all which didn't got all of them.

Now we have to wait for tomorrow. There the last infos will be released and even so the update if nothing went wrong at Valves side. Due to the fact that Valve is working in a different timezone it will be wednesday morning till the release of the update.


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