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ETF2L Season 3
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.08.2008 Time 15:32

Today the last information to season 3 of the ETF2L was released. The divisions as they were announced before weren't final at all. Now the divisions are finally set.

In the first division are playing:

1. it's a farm!
2. 4 Kings
3. The Last Resort
4. Weapons of the Rebelion
5. Excello
6. TFPortal.de
7. Cruciamentum
8. Interrobang
9. Creativ`TF2
10. Oslo Lions

With it's a farm! and TFPortal.de are 2 German teams placed in the top class. With the German teams there are 8 really strong other teams. The target of the German teams should be clearly to remain in the first division.

The teams of division 2A:

1. Team Empire
2. r@ts
3. Weapons of the rebelion 2
4. Veritas
5. Zero Tolerance
6. DCSB Red Team
7. Resistansen
8. ret
9. French Kiss
10. Vale

After the promotion of it's a farm! the r@ts are the only German team which remains in division 2A. If the r@ts can keep there performance of the last season the time will tell.

The teams of division 2B:

1. klan:fader
2. LOL Team
3. plan-B
4. I Don't Know?
5. Team wL
6. n2o-gaming.de TF2
7. dmg.
8. Knights
9. weapons of the rebelion 3
10. Care Bears

Within division 2B the German teams n2o-gaming and plan-B are placed. There should be a good position be possible for one of them.

More German teams orderd by their divisions.

Division 3:
3A: Soldiers at Work
3B: Die Doppelnullen
3C: International Special Force, veAre
3D: Friede seiner Asche

Division 4:
4A: Gods of Egypt, The Warlords
4B: Game Control | Red, Keine halben Sachen
4C: Scarysuckers
4D: Digital X-Plosiv
4E: verTonix

Division 5:
5A: Gamestyle.P11, The Real Warriors
5B: Vendetta in each Room, Racoon, Ansammlung Lästiger Krieger
5C: Game Control | Blue, Terror Without Order League
5D: Special Marine Soldiers, Digital X-Plosiv Revenge
5E: Die Philosoffen, Xenomorphs, guinneX
5F: Erdnuckels, Unterwasserpyromanen

From now on you can inform about the official map pool. Furthermore the ETF2L started polls for the community to vote the champions of the divisions.

A successful season to all of the teams and hopefully a good ranking to the German teams in theire divisions.


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