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Alpine style is received well
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 20.08.2008 Time 13:13

Everybody who has downloaded the update and looked at the new Arena maps must have recogniced a new visual style. You don't have to play longer only in dusty environments within Team Fortress 2. A new official style is implemented.

Within the TF2 blog from Valve Dhabih Eng tells us that the decission for an alpine environment was made for different reasons. On the one hand the green hills and blue-grey rocks are a good contrast to the previous "dusty design" and the TF2 charakters are still fitting into the environment. On the other hand they could use the existing elements like lumber mill and mining camp buildings without creating complete new objects which would have driven the time to create far away from the valve time as Dhabih Eng said. Everybody who didn't know the valve time can have a click at hier. Finally the want to crate more maps using the alpine style.

Alpine TF2 Style Alpine TF2 Style

We have to say that the new environment is really nice because it gives a nice change by playing. Now the mappers are asked to have fun with the new style.


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