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ESL - new ladders & arena cup
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.08.2008 Time 16:34

Due to suggestions out of the TF2 esports scene the ESL decided to give besides the Soldier 1on1 ladder 2 other classes a ladder.

The ladders are:

1on1 Scout Ladder

The principal is known. 2 Scouts compete in the maps chosen one each player from the following map pool:
duel_duel2, arena_badlands, arena_granary, arena_lumberyard, arena_ravine, arena_well.
The maps are played in best of 21 which means the first one which reaches 11 frags is the winner.

2on2 Sniper Ladder

Sniper vs Sniper twice.

For a few months the ESL has organised a 2on2 Sniper cup which got that much fans for creating a ladder out of it.

On the maps dz_sniper_r, sniper_brawl_v3, sn_snipingarts_2, sniprwar2b the team wins wich wins first 11 of a maximum of 21 rounds.

After the 3on3 Summer Cup is finished a new cup is announced:

3on3 Arena Cup

[quote]Participants: 32 Teams
Team size: 3on3
Tourney mode: Single Elimination
Match Mode: one Map
Timetable & Maps:

Round 1: Monday, 01.09.08 8pm CET- arena_lumberyard
Round 2: Monday, 01.09.08 9:30pm CET - arena_granary
Round 3: Thursday, 04.09.08 8pm CET - arena_ravine
Semifinal: Thursday, 04.09.08 9:30pm CET - arena_well
Final: Sunday, 07.09.08 8pm CET - arena_badlands[/quote]

Within the 3on3 Arena cup there is a Mediclimit 0 which every team must be ready for. Due to the fact that there are nearly no medipacs on the arena maps it will be interesting if there will be some Engineers playing in the cup.

Good luck to all participants of the ladders and the cup.


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