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Team Fortress 2 voice actors
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 28.08.2008 Time 14:55

One of the most entertaining things in Team Fortress 2 are the voice actors of the nine classes. The Heavy has a Russian accent, the Medic say some German words like "Oktoberfest" or "Sturm und Drang" and the Sniper is an Australian. I bet most of you asked yourself: who are the people behind the classes?

here is a list of all 9 voice actors:

Atkin Downes - Medic
Dennis Bateman - Spy, Pyro
Gary Schwartz - Demo, Heavy
Grant Goodeve - Engineer
John Patrick Lowrie - Sniper
Rick May - Soldier
Nathan R. Vetterlein - Scout

Here are also some videos showing 3 of the 7 voice actors.

The first one is Gary Schwartz with two videos, each performing the Heavy and Demoman respectively:

Gary Schwartz is: Demoman

Gary Schwartz is: Heavy Weapons Guy

The next one is Grant Goodeve, the Engineer, in a commercial.

The Engineer does car commericals?!

Last but not least, here is John Patrick Lowrie, the Sniper, in an interview about his role in High School Musical.

Interview with John Patrick Lowrie - Sniper

Credit goes to "DasMatze" for providing the videos, and "Gor[e]gonzola" for providing the pictures, both board members of the TFPortal board.


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