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We want your Map - TFPortal-PC Action-Mappack
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 08.09.2008 Time 11:51

In Cooperation with the German PC-Games Magazin PC Action we are looking for the Best and most importants Custom-Maps for the Community. And we want your Help!

We are looking for 5 to 10 TF2-Maps which will be published in a TFPortal-Mappack on the next PC Action CD/DVD.

PC Games PC Action

From today onward you can send in your Suggestions or your own Maps. Deadline is the 19th Septermber 2008.

Important for the publication:
No Signs or the like that are protected under the Copyrights pulicy are allowed in the Maps.
And naturally no banned Signs or Publications are allowed inside the Maps.

There are no futher Restrictions in place, any 1on1 only Map or Arena MAp is as welcomed as the normal Controlpoint and Payload Maps.


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