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Fortress Forever Patch announced
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.09.2008 Time 13:43

Today we report about an upcoming patch for Fortress Forever (yes, we even report about something else than TF2 - hence the name TFPortal). In case you don't know what Fortress Forever is: it's a mod for Half-Life 2 which plays like the original Team Fortress mod for Half-Life 1.

Patch 2.1 includes some additions and improvements, including improved bunnyhopping, a spy-sonar for the Sentry Gun and the new map 2Fort. The patch's release is scheduled for release on September 12th.
Here is a video for the upcoming patch:

Fortress Forever 2.1 Preview Video from Fortress Forever on Vimeo

Fortress Forever Fortress Forever

Fortress Forever Fortress Forever

You can find mere screenshots at the site of the steam store: click here.


fforever - ff_23_impact01.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact02.jpg - thumbnail fforever - ff_23_impact03.jpg - thumbnail
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