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Cheater Ban and more...
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.09.2008 Time 16:42

There are again some News from the biggest Team Fortress 2 League.

The ETF2L wants to start an Arena-Cup soon and want your Suggestions ,for the Rules used in it, through a Vote.
3on3 or 4on4, with or without a Medic. Classlimit: Yes or No. All of that is up to your Vote.

Simply Click on the ETF2L-Link below this News to get to the Vote.

Also the following Rule-Changes to the Leaguesystem occured and we're reposting them here for your notice:

If both Teams choose the same Map against each other then one of these Maps can be changed to another one. Out of the 2nd and 3rd Mappool the following Maps are useable:

Secondary Map Pool: cp_dustbowl, cp_fastlane, cp_freight_b3 , cp_labor , ctf_2fort, ctf_mach4 , ctf_well, pl_goldrush

3rd Party Map Pool: cp_granary (with gates), cp_redstone_b2, cp_science2, cp_stag, cp_warpath2

All these Maps are naturally avaible in our Downloadcenter.

Additionally the first two Cheaters of this League where banned. Both are rather unknown- Moonroach ( ex GoT1 Player ) and Trojan (ex CiC Player).

The Cable Internet Clan will loose both of their Maps and will additionaly get 2 more Maploses added.


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