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TFPortal's "Update and Info" Day
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 10.09.2008 Time 16:06

Today we feature a TFPortal-related special news. Since so much happened lately at TFPortal, we though it would be nice to list everything here.

TFPortal-Toolbar Believe it or not, but this is a useful toolbar. It provides you with RSS Feed for TFPortal, ubercharged.net and the official Valve TF2-Blog. In addition to that, it features a list to TF2-related websites, blogs and e-sports events. Here's the link for the Toolbar (Works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox): TFPortal Toolbar

TF2-Achievements Since achievements are something you can never have enough help to get them, we feature subpages full of useful tips for achieving all Team Fortress 2 Achievements. It has been updated recently and features the new Heavy achievements as well. Take a look at yourself: TF2-Achievements Credits for the Heavy tips go to [r@ts]Joker.

TF2-Maps We've updated our maps section. It now lists all available TF2-Maps, including descriptions and screenshots. You can find them here

Second TFPortal-Public Server We host two public servers. The first one, which features cp_dustbowl, pl_goldrush and pl_badwater in it's mappool, is very successful, there's rarely a slot free. The second one, however, seems to be ignored by some players. Since we can't read the player's mind, we now ask everyone what should happen with the 24-32 server. Here's a list of possible setups:

  • 2ten Dustbowl / PL-Maps
  • Arena-Server
  • CP-Only Maps
  • CTF-Only
  • CP-CTF Mix
  • Custom-Maps with Fast Download

Don't hesitate and tell us what you think which setup should be used. Every opinion counts! TF2-Custom Maps We revamped our custom maps section. It features new maps as well as updated information for every custom map listed on the subpage. We also listed some new maps for the new Arena mode, so take a look! Here's the link: Custom Maps Download Section.

And last, but not least... We'd like to thank every visitor and every enthusiastic Team Fortress 2 player who supported us all the time. Since the release of TF2 in October 2007, the number of visitors on our page raised every month. The TF2 staff formerly thanks everyone for the past events and the hopefully future events. But of course, Valve deserves big thanks as well, since without them, TF2 wouldn't exist in the way it exists today. Speaking of future events, two big events are coming during the next week. I won't tell too much right now, but I say.....Prices! Prices! Prices! and an eye-catcher! So keep on track!!


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