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Quarterfinals of the ETF2L Nation's Cup
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.09.2008 Time 11:59

Tomorrow at 21:00 CET we can again begin with the shaking. Because then Team Germany should face the strong Team from Schweden in the Playoffs.

Quite a few will probably be surprised about the "should" in these News but the Reason behind it is quite simple. It's yet not certain if enough Players will be avaible tomorrow because the German Clan 00 will have an important EMS Match against the German Clan plan-b. Both Clans have their own NT-Players and naturally want to win this important EMS-Match with their best Lineup.

The Team around Team-Captain mvp. has to play at their highest possible Level to beat the so far unbeaten swedish Team in the Quarterfinal.

We wish our Team Good Luck and hope that the MAtch can be played tomorrow.


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