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ETF2L: Divisions 2A & 2B - Week 1 and 2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.09.2008 Time 14:59

After the review about the top class of the ETF2l we keep going with the 2 divisions below. We are going to have a look at division 2A and 2B today including the German teams n2o, plan-B and r@ts.

Before the start of season 3 it was hard to estimate the strength of some teams. After playing 2 weeks predictions can be made more clearly.

ETF2L: Division 2A

After the drop of DCSB-Red there are 9 team remaining withing division 2A. Except wotr2 all teams have played two or more matches. With 4 mapwins and the resulting 12 points is prior.eSports TF2 placed first. Second placed is Vale coming up with 9 points. The midfield consists of 5 teams including the players from the r@ts Clan. The r@ts played a draw twice. Against Vale they hardly could keep their clear lead at the end with a final score of 8:7. The first half on pro_granary was won by Vale with a score of 2:4. Against the guys from ret there was a exciting match on pro_granary which ended 3:2. The map badlands the Finns could win clearly with 0:3.

wotr2 is actually next to last in div 2A. Last in line of the active teams is Resistansen. They got two losses against the leading team Prior.eSports and against MouseTek.

We asked Vale to give us a statement regarding their first two matches. Also we got a forecast for the upcoming top match against Prior.eSports. A fixture is note made yet. The maps: well & badlands.

Statement von Valve|Exoronic
We played our first maps against rats and won granary, but due unexpirience on turbine we made alot of mistakes and lost it. After rats we had veritas , what was 2xgranary and both won them pretty easely. Next coming up is prior , imo strongest opponent in our division, but we have good faith and should be able to give them a good fight.

The other top match of week 3 within div 2A will be r@ts vs. MouseTek. On gravelpit and pro_granary the rats could reach a top position tonight.

ETF2L: Division 2B

Divistion 2B were at least spared from drops. Unlike div 2A every team took at least on maploss (except dmg. - which have played only one match). Placed first are the Care Bears from Finland with 12 points. After 2 draws and 1 victory against n2o they have to hope for goof-ups by the other teams to keep their first place. Second placed are the second team of wotr. Within their first match they played draw against Totally Totalitarian. But they were able to win clearly the second match against klan:fader. The German teams n2o and plan-B didn't got a good start. Like already told n2o lost against the Care Bears. Their match against I Don't Know? they could win with 2:10. The team all around Mosepose is placed 6th at the moment. Plan-B got a more worse start. In their first match they lost against dmg and only reached a draw against Team WL.

Looking at week 3 there is a German duel between n2o and plan-B. The only thing wich counts is a victory. A draw wouldn't help none of both teams.

Today: 21:00
n2o-gaming.de vs. plan-B

Further todays matches:

(Division 1)
21:00 Kings vs Interrobang | SourceTV:; password tv
21:00 Die Doppelnullen vs The Last Resort
21:00 cruciamentum vs WebOne.Red

(Division 2)
21:00 French Kiss vs Resistansen | SourceTV:
21:00 prior.eSports TF2 vs Weapons of the rebelion 2
21:30 r@ts vs MouseTek

(Division 3)
21:00 Eejit vs Soldiers at Work | SourceTV:
21:00 hb0da vs Blood Pressure | SourceTV: tf2.bloodpressure.fi:27021

(Division 5)
21:15 I Gladiatori vs Special Marine Soldiers


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