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Gameserver are gone...
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 25.09.2008 Time 19:16

Like some of you already noticed both of our gameservers are down. It's not only an interruption. Our sponsor tiger24.net shut down both servers due to financial reasons.

That was surprising for us. Both servers were established within the Team Fortress 2 community for nearly a year now (05.11.2007). The dustbowl only server has reached a total of 37,525 players with 3,080,061 frags and was lasting for month the most populated 24 slot server in Germany. The second server was used from our "factory team" for e-sports matches all the time. So there couldn't be a lack in advertising :]

We like to thank tiger24.net for providing the servers for us. Also we like to thank all the players which were keeping our servers full. Some petrons we like to thank specially:

- Sn00b for place 1 our statistic
- MasterJim for place 2
- Wriggly for place 3
- |:| <-- Autobahn for the longest playtime (17d 4h) and kills (33,281 Kills) on the server
- the teams "dance with", |HK| and [CN]
- Banobo, Jorman, insane, MingeBag, Nemo, Chunky, Gear, Djang0 und Saint-Jimmy and all the others we forget to mention

You are awsome guys !

The biggest German Team Fortress 2 site is open for new server sponsors again.


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