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Interrobang disclosed the secret
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 28.09.2008 Time 13:26

Now it's known! Yesterday in the morning Team Interrobang announced that they from now on are playing under the flag of the Clan! Crack.

In an interview with Sam "Nubonamission" Parson the organizer Luke "Luke" Cotton from the Clan! Crack told why they decided to pick up the Finish team.

Luke „Luke“ Cotton:

„We always planned on having a team at PC Gamer for TF2, as we see a real future in this game and because of the scale of the coverage at this event. Interrobang have had some very good performances online, and it seems to be pretty close between the top TF2 teams at the moment and we are sure they have lots of potential and will do very well.”

Some of you maybe wondering why the team decided to join an UK-based multigaming clan. Concerning this Luke said the follwoing:

„No problems, they all speak perfect English.”

Hopefully the team will keep on bringing exciting matches to the Team Fortress 2 community.


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