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Server the 3rd- The transfer server are online
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 01.10.2008 Time 11:57

The sponsor is gone and many mails and messages have arrived. We got many offerings from clans, private individuals and server providers.

Thanks for your solidarity! The Teams plan-B and IsF are helping us with transfer servers till we got a new sponsor.

Plan-B is providing a 20 Slots server for us, which replaces the old Dustbowl-Goldrush Server. The stats are also tracked on this server. So you can keep on playing with your old scores after a short gap.

TFPortal.de /Dustbowl/Goldrush/Badwater/ - by plan-B

Like our vote has told us there is a demand for an arena server. This demand wasn't ignored. IsF is providing a 12 Slots server for us which is running 4vs4 Arena-Only - Crits off with official and custom maps (fastdownload).

TFPortal.de - Arena Server - by www.isf-clan.org

So there is only the Custom Map Server missing. The Servers are online and you can spend your free time from now on on the servers!

Thanks to plan-B and IsF for there fast and uncomplicated help.


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