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Lan orBit II with Team Doppelnullen
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 02.10.2008 Time 11:21

In this year again the Lan orBit takes place. The Lan orBit II - linked spheres will be from 14th to 16th November and is organized by the German team Die Doppelnullen. Interesting for the community will be the TF2 tournaments which will be held there. Not only fame and honor are waiting for you. There are some really nice hardware prices too. The TF2 tournaments are organized by [00] Falko the team organizer of [00].

The event is located within the Löwensaal in Nürnberg. Up to 300 people are able to play, sleep, eat and do everything else what you are used to do on a LAN there. Of course there are some other tournaments like counterstrike and warcraft 3.

For the registratin, description of the location and more informations you can have a look at the Homepage of the event.

On the page of team Doppelnullen you can take part on a lottery where you can win 2 free entries for the orBit. Just have a look here.


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