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ESL 6on6 League 1 has finished
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.10.2008 Time 16:05

After a period of 4 month the first season of the ESL 6on6 League has finished.

First placed after 4 month is Team Coolermaster, previous ^wotr^. They reached the EMS - ESL Major Serious - already by winning the first EMS qualifier. TCM didn't lose any of there matches in the season. They only got two draws against k1ck eSports and the Oslo Lions which unfortunately dropped later that season.

Secon placed is the Team Fortress 2 team from 4Kings. They have won 9 matches, played a draw twice and lost only the match against Team Coolermaster.

The 3rd place is taken by a team which obviously no one got on his list. The Ukrain team OMG it´s reached that 3rd place by winning 8 matches, getting one draw and only losing 2 matches. By taking the 3rd place they are also qualified for the EMS.

Due to the fact that 4Kings and Team Coolermaster are already were qualified for the EMS (4Kings placed 2 in EMS Season 2; Team Coolermaster placed 1st within the EMS qualifier 1) two more teams are qualified for the EMS. On the one hand the German Team n2o and the Finnish team k1ck eSports.>

Furthermore you all should know that the sign ups for the next ESL 6on6 League season are already opened. So hurry up signing up because the sign ups are just opened until the 19.10.2008. The only thing you need is a team registered with 6 players.


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