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Vale goes Druidz - TLR drops TF2 team
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 07.10.2008 Time 19:33

Most of you should know team Vale! which is lead by Bart 'SKiNNie' De Helt.
Today the multigaming clan "Druidz" grabbed the known team today.
Thanks to Freezer for the information.
Statement from Team Druidz TF2 teamleader, Josh "joske" Walton
Since the start of this team our aim has always been to play at the highest level, and now, we feel great for seeing our hard work being rewarded by becoming one of the most renowned and feared teams within Europe but also with the interest of this very well known organization, Druidz and it is with great pleasure, that today we join them.
We're a new team, formed in early August with players from various top players from around Europe these mainly consisting of Belgiums national team, Springer, Exoronic, SKiNNie, Arnold, former The Last Resort player, Joske, and finally, Haunter who was originally part of Animate.
We'll be competing in every major online and offline league throughout Europe, raising our teams flag and fighting for the number one spot in Europe. [/quote]

Also the multigaming clan The Last Resort announced that they drop theire Team Fortress 2 team.
At first sight inconsistent achievements of the team were mentioned as reason. Also the fact that the former team leader Wlv left the team a few days ago may be a reason too. Furthermore TLR arguments that the future of TF2 especially on LAN events is doubtful. Other games are looking more brightly while looking at the futer so TLR decided to go on without a team within the TF2 section.
TLR is wishing good luck to theire further team.


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