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Urgent-News - Digibattles.net - Cup with Price's !
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 08.10.2008 Time 18:34

In about 1,5 Hours the Digibattles TF2 6on6 Cup with a wide Array of Prices will start, when at least 10 Teams participate in it.

The Prices so far are:

  • Webdesign, Slicing & Coding
  • 6 T-Shirts with the Clan- and Nickname of the Player
  • eigenen Gameserver
  • Hostingpackage + Domain

Fortress Forever

If you have any Question simply join #digibattles.tf2 in the IRC-Network on Quakenet.

The Crack! Clan won the Cup. In the final they where able to beat the Mixteam MeMento 2:0 on cp_gravelpit.

TFPortal congratulates!


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