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Olé TF2-News - Walker talks about Respawntiming
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.10.2008 Time 10:03

OlÚ OlÚ. Maybe Valve listened to us asking for more TF2 News in an Email or maybe not. We don't want to lean ourselves to far out of the Window anyway.

Since the "Google buys Valve" News it was rather quite around Valve and Team Fortres 2. They reported in their Blog that they helped out the Left 4 Dead Team and because of that couldn't continue working on the next Class-Update.

In the newest Blog-Entry by Robin Walker, the TF-Founder said that the Work on thenext Class-Update is progressing slower than planned.

He also fills the TF2-Newsdrougth with Details about how the Respawntimes are calculated that every Player has to sit out when he/she dies. For this Robin answers many E-Mails he received from the Community about this Theme.

Respawntimes (Respawnwaves) occur in regular Intervals on the Maps. Most of Valves Maps have an Intervall off about 10 Seconds. This Value gets influenced by the Mapstatus, in generell the Team with the most Controlpoints under their Control gets that Value reduced. Futhermore the Respawntime-Value gets influenced by the amount of Players in a Team. When there're less then 8 Players per Team the Value gets reduced again. The Less Players are on the Server playing the lower the Respawntime will be.

Important. Your personal Achievements and Results will never Influence your Personal Respawntime. Only the Teamresults are counted.

Valve thinks that the Respawntimes are a good Solution for the following Problems:
  • Teams that are able to shutdown a certain amount of Opponets get rewared with Time-Bonuses to have easier Access to the Map-Goals ( Controlpoints or the Intelligence ).
  • Through those Respawnwaves the Groupbuilding is easier, which improves Teamplay and stops you from dying alone at the Frontlines.
  • The Respawntime is for those Important Cooldown-Moments, without them the Player would tire down more easily. Especially on Attack & Defend Maps those Delaytimes are improtant to keep the Gameplay flowing rather then becoming stagnant and static.
  • During those Respawntimes dead Players can spectate their Teammates. With this they're able to spot Misstakes can relay some Tipps which in return will benefit the Teamwork and your Personal Results. Further more not so experienced Players can learn something from Spectating more experienced Players.

Robin agress that there may be other Ways to fix those Problems but the Respawntimes are in generall a good Overall Solution for them.


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