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From TLR to MeMento
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 09.10.2008 Time 18:33

Like most of you know the Team Fortress 2 top team The Last Resort has dropped. After the former team leader Wlv left TLR and was looking for a new team (thread) TLR felt apart. But most of the players wanted to keep on playing together and created a new team called MeMento. Following the lineup of MeMento:

Keith 'AcidReniX' Nichols
Michael 'Beta' Merola
Matthias 'zerox' Kühl
Callum 'Shifty' Cornielle
Fragga formerly known as Itchi

Matji was previously playing at team Übersexuals. By having a look at #memento you can see that the guys are looking for a medic to complete their lineup.

Keith 'AcidReniX' Nichols about the new team:
[quote]After the departure and lack of motivation from our last squad (TLR/Mamboswing), I decided to step up and form a new team. This team would consist of several of the old squad as well as some new faces. We hope to create a new and exciting playing style and are looking forward to competing against the best in Europe.[/quote]

Good luck guys! We are looking forward to see you playing in the European Leagues and Cups.


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